Lighting Association of Singapore

The Lighting Association of Singapore is an independent, non-profit organisation representing those who share a common interest on matters relating to the art and science of Light, Lighting applications, Colour and Vision. LAS now recognised by CIE (the International Commission on Illumination)! LAS has already been recognised as CIE National Committee of Singapore . CIE is the French word for the International Commission on Illumination. CIE is affiliated to both ISO and IEC.
LAS objectives:
To offer learning opportunities & learning programs for people in the Lighting descipline and related fields for their professional development, recognition & growth. Provide oppportunities for stakeholders to meet and network periodically to share knowledge and help influencers and decision-makers to reach well-informed decision about products and systems they want to decide upon. LAS serving as a consulting body for Lighting codes, product standards, city light-up plans etc. Promote the use of latest & innovative products & technologies with focus on Sustainability.